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How does the early years setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

Children are regularly observed and assessed by the key person and all staff members to monitor individual needs, progression and development. This informs our planning and curriculum provision the stage at which each child is at. Once a child has been accepted we hold an open session where concerns can be raised. Should a child require additional support the key person will discuss with the Senco/Inco and a meeting with parents will follow.

Parents/carers can raise their concerns with their child’s key person and a meeting will follow with the Senco/Inco to discuss further measures. Support may then be requested from Target Setting Support, our point of contact to support children with additional support needs within West Sussex. Parents/Carers are also signposted to our local Children’s Family Centre who can offer extra support to families regarding speech and language, form filling etc.

How will early years setting staff support my child?

The key person will oversee and plan the educational programme of a child and will work closely with parents/carers, Senco/Inco, outside agencies etc. Their role will be to stage the child and put provisions into place to progress the child within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Each child is appointed a key person and they will liaise with the parents/carers keeping them informed and updated and are responsible for individualised programmes. Children are supported through one to one, small group teaching and monitoring their progress.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

Each child has an online Learning Journal which is an observational based assessment. Within the learning journal children have an ‘Individual Progress Review’ which monitors individual progress within the EYFS. Next steps are planned for with parents/carers to meet individual children’s needs from their interests to work towards their child’s next steps.

How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

Parent/carers are encouraged to discuss with their key person any concerns or issues they may have regarding their child at the beginning or end of a session or can arrange an appointment where necessary. By sharing the learning journal and next steps with parents/carers progress is monitored and discussed. A home/setting book will be implemented where required to support home/setting learning. Next Steps are planned each term and shared with parents/carers and ideas given for home support/learning.

What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

Only life saving medications such at nebulisers, insulin/adrenalin injections are administered as per the setting’s ‘Medication and Accident Policy’ in line with our insurance policy. A health care plan will be drawn up with parents/carers and outside agencies and a detailed risk assessment will be made on how to meet the health care plan. For more complex needs a designated staff member or outside medical professional will administer the medication needed provided funding is available.

All children are supported by their key person and Senco/Inco. Measures are put in place to support behavioural management as per our ‘Behavioural Management Policy’. We work closely with parents/carers and outside agencies to implement the strategies set out. As far as can be possible, all children are safe within the setting due to risk assessments, monitoring, high staff/children ratios and training.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?

Through Target Setting Support we have access to Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), Portage, Educational Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Behaviour support etc. We also have a local Children’s Family Centre and Health Visitors.

What training are the staff supporting children with SEND had or are having?

All staff are trained in Child Protection, Health and Safety and First Aid. Designated staff are also trained in Promoting Positive Behaviour, ADHD, Autism, Speech and Language and working towards say it and sign it (sign language). We have a designated Senco/Inco.

How will my child be included in activities outside the early years setting including trips?

All children are included in activities outside the setting. Detailed risk assessments will be undertaken. We increase our ratios for walks by asking parents to help and use pushchairs where needed.

How accessible is the early years setting environment? (Indoors and outdoors)

Our building is fully wheelchair accessible being on ground level. Changing facilities are done on a changing mat on the floor in the ladies toilets. The toilets are shared with other community centre users and are adult size. The setting is set up to meet the use of wheelchair users with plenty of space between tables and floor activities. We have visual timetables and booklets to support change of routine and settling in. We have visual posters with photos supporting routines. We have multi language posters to support children with English as an additional language (EAL). We have access to the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team (EMAT) when English is not spoken. We are working towards using Say it and Sign it within the setting. Activities will be adapted to meet children’s needs. Our outside area is paving slabs and all on one level.

How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to join the early years setting, transfer to a new setting/school?

Parents/carers and children are invited to attend a session to meet the staff and familiarise themselves with the hall to prepare them for when they start. Parents/carers are given a starters pack detailing information about the setting. Photos of home/family are asked for to share and help settle the children when they start. We have strategies that we put into place should a child not settle. We have photographic books showing our routine to support settling in. When moving onto school we invite the Reception teachers into the setting. We work closely with the schools with additional visits for the children who need it. We share a ‘Transition to School’ with parents detailing the child’s needs, which is shared with the school to ensure a smooth transition.

How are the early years setting’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

We carefully assess, monitor and review each individuals needs. Resources are then allocated so that individuals have full access to the curriculum.

The funding allocated depends on the additional needs of the child. If enhanced funding is allocated an additional staff member will be employed to help support the setting and look after the welfare of the child. Additional toys to support the child to achieve their full potential will be purchased as per the funding.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

Parents/carers, key person, Senco/Inco and a representative from Target Setting Support will all have an input into the decision making to assess the level of support needed. Once an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) has been implemented it will be monitored and regularly reviewed by the above.

How are parents involved in the early years setting? How can I be involved?

Parents/carers can phone or email the setting directly. Parents/carers are also encouraged to liaise with key workers about their child’s development. We hold an annual survey for parents/carers, the results are examined and action is taken by the Committee and Lead Practitioner as appropriate. We regularly update parents/carers via Tapestry with news and events. We also have a website www.maidenbowerplaygroup.org.uk which is also regularly updated. In the foyer is a plan detailing the current week’s learning and inviting parents/carers to contribute. We operate a stay and play for parents/carers to observe and join in with their child’s play. Parents/carers are given ideas to support their child at home on their child’s ‘next steps’.

Who can I contact for further information?

Janet Noad our Lead Practitioner is available for you to contact for an initial chat regarding your child. Our designated Senco/Inco is Joanne Brackston who will be happy to discuss with you any specific educational requirements. Both ladies can be contacted via our website www.maidenbowerplaygroup.org.uk or during setting hours on 07580018496. We always encourage new parent/carers to visit the setting.

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Updated February 2018

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